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Medblocks UI VsCode Extension
Medblocks UI VsCode Extension is an inevitable part of our product. This extension is to help develop fast development of openEHR templates. It renders the web templates in a tree format, where you are able to copy the snippets individually, with various options to select from. You can also render the whole template. You are also able to copy AQL paths, generate Regex patterns for data elements in openEHR archetypes and templates from the extension.


Install the Meblocks UI Extension from the Extensions tab in VsCode.
Install Medblocks UI VsCode Extension from MarketPlace
In order to render trees in the extension, you should have web templates in .json format inside the 'templates' folder in your root directory. These can be obtained directly from the Archetype Designer or from EHRBase's GET /ehrbase/rest/ecis/v1/template/<templateId> endpoint.
.json file inside template folder
Once you have the web template JSON inside the templates folder, your tree will be ready in the extension. (You can refresh the tree by clicking the refresh button).
Rendered Web Template in Medblocks UI Extension
Now you can copy the medblocks-ui web component for the web template from here as snippets.
Here we are copying the entire tree by clicking on the copy button:
Copied the whole Template by clicking copy button
You can also select a particular element or sub-element from the tree to copy:
Copied the Height block inside Template by clicking the copy button
You are also able to copy the Path, ID, AQL Path, Context of snippets by right-clicking on the desired component.
Right click on the Template-tree
Right click on any component
When you copied the whole template and the snippet is pasted on your project, a double-tick appears before the template tree name, else the snippet is not copied correctly.
How the Snippet looks when pasted in the code.
You can replace individual code snippets with desired components that medblocks-ui provides
DV_CODED TEXT has options for Buttons, Select and Search
Congratulations! That's it! You have mastered how to use Medblocks UI VsCode Extension.