Quick Start


Install Docker with Docker Compose. Make sure your system architecture is AMD64.
Not all containers in Medblocks support ARM. We're working to get there, but for now, you won't be able to run Medblocks on your Raspberry Pi, or an M1 Mac. In the meanwhile, you can easily follow the same instructions on an AMD64 machine on a cloud provider like AWS, Google Cloud, or Digital Ocean.


Clone the medblocks/medblocks Github repository with:
git clone
cd medblocks
Now run docker-compose to start all the different medblocks services
docker-compose up
Wait for a couple of minutes for all the different services to start. You can check and see if the different services are up and running by going to these URLs:
  1. 1.
    FHIR Capability Statement - http://localhost/fhir/metadata
You now have a working instance of Medblocks running! 🎉